Thanks Thill, you ruined my onsie!

105…  That was not my top speed, it wasn’t even my fastest time.  It was the air temperature on Saturday July 30th, 2016 in Willows California.  I guess I should be grateful, originally projected temps to reach 109 degrees that day.  Luckily we prepared for the heat by bringing two big coolers full of ice and bottled water.  That really helped with the heat. But the weather did not affect turn out at all, at the morning riders meeting…

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Time for some summer fun with Superbike-Coach

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Enter offer code “eddchan” for 5% off your booking!  Only 10 spaces available with discount, so get them while they last! Have you been inching to get your bike on the track?  Well Superbike-Coach has the answer! Coach Can Akkaya is hosting at summer track day at Thunderhill West on July 30th, 2016!  That’s right folks, for the low, low price of $150 $142.50, you can experience a ton of seat time at a super fun track! Thunderhill…

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Cookin’ the Miata

It sure was a hot one, with temperatures hitting almost triple digits.  The cooling system in the Miata was put to the test!  And to my surprise it failed!  After a long day of driving and rattling, my Miata started running hot.  It did not go very far past the mid-way point on the temperature gauge, but after about ten laps on the fifth session, the engine just turned off after turn three. My first thought was, oh crap, I’m…

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