All look same, GTR!

Which is faster? The 2012 Nis­san GTR or the 2009 Nis­san GTR? Well if you’ve read any­thing about these cars you’d know that hands down the 2012 GTR is faster. Why?

Well first of all, you’d know that the 2009 GTR only has a wimpy 480 hp while the 2012 has 530 hp. That’s a 50 hp or about a 10.4% increase in power. Unfor­tu­nately, along with the power, the 2012 GTR also gained 348 pounds of fat. If you take weight into account, it looks like the 2012 is only slightly faster than the 2009. This is very important.

Now I know many of you are think­ing, what about the 2011? Why aren’t you talk­ing about that one? Well, it’s because NO ONE CARES! The 2011 had less hp than the 2012, but the same weight and no launch con­trol. From this, you already know that it’s not going to do very well.

I won’t spoil any­thing, go ahead and take a look at the video above. It’s an inter­est­ing watch. Let me know what you think in the com­ments below!

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