Alpin… wha? I never knew these things were fast!

Chris Harris is in an Alpina B3 Bi-Turbo today, and I must say that it does look like a nice grown up car.  I think all 3 series cars these days are a bit big, but the B3 really classes up that big car.

Of course knowing Chris, he does a bunch of skids and such to show you what kind of fun you won’t be having in this car. I mean lets face it, no one is going to be doing any skids in their $85,852.01 (current exchange rate for 65,000€) BMW, but watching Chris do it is loads of fun.

Now I never thought that Alpinas were fast, well I guess this proved me wrong.  These B3s are actually limited to 190 mph.  That’s faster than a Porsche Carrera!  For all of you that don’t like skids, take a look at the video blow, where they explain in boring words why you should buy one:

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