Formula for success, from Ford?

While kind of out of the ordinary, it’s understandable that this Chris Harris video is less slidey than usual.  You see, today Chris drives a Formula Ford race car, that has been outfitted with headlights.  Basically they just made a race car street legal.

Now a lot of companies say that’s what they’ve done with their car, but if you take a look inside the Formula Ford, you can see that there is zero interior.  If you pay attention during the video, you’ll also notice that the car is super uncomfortable and noisy as hell.  Wow, this thing is AWESOME.

At around 1100 lbs and 170 hp in street trim, this thing is a monster!  A professional racing driver, Nick Tandy, went around the ‘ring in 7:22 in race trim (which meant 200hp)!  Still very impressive.

Take a look at the video, you can see how much of a hand full this thing really is!

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