GDS 11 is this Friday!

For those of you who don’t know, GripDriftSkid is happening this Friday at Thunderhill raceway.  I’m pretty excited about going on the track again, and I really hope I don’t break anything.  I thought that my WRX may have sprung a coolant leak, but upon further inspection yesterday it seems fine.

I’ll change the oil today and do a pressure test on the radiator.

The video above is just an AWESOME video of a 370z keeping up with an Aventador.  The 370z does an awesome job of keeping up with the Lambo on the corners but obviously gets taken on the straights.  With the Lambo’s 690 hp versus the 332 hp from the 370z, you can see this was no small task.

I’m hoping to do some passing this Friday!  Wish me luck!

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