GDS12: Spin city, population our group!

Our most recent trip to Thunderhill Raceway, also ended up being our most fun!  Fun in the sense that everyone decided to pirouette their cars around on the track!  Out of the eight people that we went with, five of them spun (or at least went off track) their car.

Cars that spun:

Cars that were not fun:

These three cars just did not want to join in the fun!  People these days, they just don’t want to join in on icebreakers and other group activities.  Well I hope everyone comes back out again in December!

We did have plenty of new people in the group too.  Unfortunately two of the cars that didn’t want to join in the shenanigans were both piloted by newbies, HOW LAME!  The last one was just disgraceful, if you’re gonna be a veteran, join us!

I’m glad everyone had fun out there, take a look at the videos above.  We’ve documented a pretty good list of spins (mostly from a Fit).

Thanks again Static Nine Garage for hosting another fun GDS!

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