Graduation day!

After about an eight month journey, I’ve finally finished the Cornering School program at Superbike Coach.  It’s been really fun and I have learned a lot.  If you haven’t taken a motorcycle track focused class I definitely recommend it.  Even if you’ve been to a few track days, it’s never to late to ditch those bad habits and start learning how to ride correctly.

Throughout the class, Coach Can has challenged what I thought I knew about motorcycle riding.  Having no one to really critique my riding style, I really didn’t know how far off the mark I was.

The Cornering School program cemented a few fundamental skills every track rider needs including:

  • Body positioning
  • Counter steering
  • Trail braking
  • Weight transfer
  • Ideal racing lines
  • Apex fundamentals
  • Many more!

As I progressed in the program, I can see my times falling and my knee getting closer to the pavement.  Best of all, Dean Lonskey provides videos and pictures FREE OF CHARGE!  w00t!  Here are some from my Day 3 class.

You can also see some videos of me below.  Filmed with a GoPro Hero4 this time around and the sound quality is a lot better.  It maybe time to upgrade!

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  • can |

    Awesome. Congratulations 🙂

    1. Dean Lonskey |

      CONGRATS MAN…WELL DONE! Cool article and glad I could be apart journey and shoot your pics!

      1. edsters - Post author |

        Thanks Dean! You caught an awesome picture of my buddy James with his knee down!

    2. edsters - Post author |

      Thanks Coach!