GT86 vs Fiesta ST

A new day means a new challenger in the automotive world.  And this time the challenger is the Fiesta ST.  The GT86 does have it’s work cut out for it.  From the get go, Subaru and Toyota has said that the triplets aren’t a track time oriented car.  This car is made to inspire smiles and explore the limits of the vehicle.

I’m not making any excuses here, I do wish the car was a little bit faster.  But I must say that when I get one, it will be non-turbo and it will be stock.  I want to learn the car before I do anything crazy with it.  I’ve always had an AWD car, and on the track there is always a care free attitude when you’re in such a car.

Well, RWD cars are definitely more of a handful, but the rewards are a lot higher.  I just love swinging the tail out on cars, something that is difficult in an AWD car.

The Fiesta ST on the other hand has a turbocharged 1.6 liter engine making about 60 more foot pounds of torque and just as much horsepower.  With the smaller size and lighter weight, this car will be hard to beat.

Did the car you expected to win do it?  Yea, pretty much.  Ha ha!

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