Hatches so hot, they’re on fire!

Everyone knows that I love hot hatches.  Unfortunately, the hottest hatch I’ve had a chance to own has a been a 2008 Honda Fit.  Now I’m not saying that the Fit isn’t hot, I’m just saying that it’s not on fire.

Enter the Ford Fiesta ST.  With just about 200 hp, and a 2,700 pound curb weight.  These cars are ridiculously agile and fast.  In America, there aren’t too many cars that can match these specs.  The Honda SI has 201hp, but has 2000 pounds more weight and 44 ft-lbs less torque.  Not to mention that it is $2000 more expensive than the ST.

Fortunately Europe has the answer, the Renault Clio RS.  This advanced piece of car has a DCT with paddle shifters and more power than the ST.  This makes it a little faster off the line but, with the Mountune from Ford, the ST is actually way faster.  This is to be expected, since the ST does have the more fun and interactive three pedal system.

Well enough talk, lets just let Chris Harris drift hatch backs!

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