Honda type arrrrrghhhh!

The wait is finally over, Honda is finally making another Civic Type R.  Ah yes, the Type R; a thing of only legend here in the states.  But in other, more civilized, countries the Type R has always been the light weight Goliath slayer of choice.

Honda made the Type R simply to be a fast car.  It really doesn’t have anything else in mind.  They used a platform that they already had, then stripped everything out and reinforced the chassis.  What resulted was a car that did what it was supposed to, go around corners.

I’ve always been a fan of the Type R, until they went to a sedan platform.  I think it should of always been a hatch back, both for size and weight reasons.  Well this new Type R looks to bridge both the gaps here.  It will be a (speculated) 300 hp, four door hatch back.

I don’t think that any car company can make a truely light car anymore, but the added horsepower should help it face off against the Focus ST and the Mazdaspeed 3.

Hopefully we’ll get to see this car in the states, instead of a neutered Si version.  But we can only hope.

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