How good are airbags that don’t work?

Car manufacturers are always parading around how many air bags their cars come with.  Side curtain airbags this and driver side airbags that.  Well what does it do if the airbags don’t deploy?

Well that is exactly the case for the Jeep Liberty in the video above.  I think it’s really chilling to know that your car may not protect you in a crash.  Americans are zipping around the country doing pretty high speeds with almost no training.  Don’t get me wrong, speed is good, but there are people out there cutting me off driving like idiots on a daily basis.

Autojunkee would also like to point out that Autoblog might have been mistaken in their article.

…the 2014 Subaru Forester is the first vehicle to ace the test with a “Good” rating.

Many of the comments on the site noted that Subaru was indeed not the first ones to achieve this Good rating by the IIHS.  After some quick research on the IIHS site, we have found at least three vehicles that got the Good rating before Subaru:

Proving yet again, that Autojunkee might not be first, but we’ll be darn sure to (try to) do our research.  Stay classy San Diego!

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