Hyper-tech, hyper-slow

Oh, how the mid-top level performance luxury auto maker has fallen to the lower top level.  Porsche has never really made slow cars, and I don’t think ever will.  They make quick cars that are fun to drive, but in their most recent endeavours to find new customers they’ve strayed from what made them good.

Porsche has always been a driver’s car company.  While Ferrari and Lamborghini have made technology a barrier for their customers, Porsche was releasing manual GT3s.  Well it seems like that’s all changing, and not for the better.  The new GT3 will be automatic, as well as the new Porsche Carrera Turbo.

Unfortunately, this 918 Spyder will be automatic and also have electric motors to assist in AWD power.  While that does make more power, the weight that is added to the car is immense.  Chris Harris does lament on this in his video.  The 918 ends up being a heffer at 3700lbs.  And this is for a HYPER car.  In it’s current state it will lag behind the LaFerrari and the Mclaren P1.

This is sad for me because I’ve always liked Porsche more than the other two. Well I hope the engineers at Porsche wake up and start making cars for me again.

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