636 shakedown at Sonoma!

First full track day of the year at Sonoma Raceway this weekend and it was a blast! Unfortunately, my cameras decided to poop out after my first session.

This was my first session, and it was COLD and it was WET! Luckily I stayed upright and had an amazing time with Pacific Track Time. As the day carried on everything dried out and temperatures rose. I ended up setting my own personal best at the track, but unfortunately, both of my 360 cams failed to record it. I’ll figure out my camera woes next time, but I think the vibration could be affecting my cams. #samsungfail #insta360fail

I’m hoping to get my camera woes sorted out so I can get some more time attack videos made this year! Great day of riding and getting used to the 636.

Pictures here!

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