Is the other purpose track duty?

Wow, watching this dual purpose BMW R1200GS smashing it around the track is something to behold!  I’ve ridden the BMW F800GS, and I must say that I was very impressed with the handling characteristics of such a tall bike.  I really liked how nimble the bike was, but not being able to flatfoot the bike really made me nervous at stops.

The R1200GS is a really competent bike, but would you think it could ever hold it’s own on a track versus a purpose built track bike by BMW?  Well it can (and by can I mean depending how rider skill it can stand a chance)!  The BMW HP4 is the race ready version of it’s very fast and very popular S1000RR.  At the beginning of the vehicle you can see that the R1200GS almost passes the HP4!

Well obviously this is because of either rider skill or the HP4 rider just wanted some awesome shots of his buddy’s bike.  All thing being equal the HP4 would murder the GS.  But this video definitely makes for a great watch.  Lean that GS!

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