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I’ve been the steward of a 2007 Ducati Monster 695 for a while now and it’s always ran a little weird.  Sometimes on start up the clutch will get stuck.  Well, I thought it’s about time I did an oil change to see if it frees anything up.

You don’t need very many tools to do this, it’s really just:

  • 10 mm allen wrench
  • 17 mm wrench (if you’re using a K&N KN-153 oil filter)
  • Oil filter wrench (if you’re using an oil filter without the bolt)

First you need to take out the oil drain plug with the 10 mm allen wrench.


Now, if you don’t have a stand, this will get oil all over the exhaust and O2 sensor.


Thanks Ducati engineers!



Don’t forget to stand it up to make sure you got all the oil out.  Once it’s done, put the plug back in and take out the oil filter.


Then just put the new oil filter on.  I used a WIX 57013 oil filter because it was available and chrome!  There are a lot of online arguments about which oil filter is the best, and frankly, no one knows anything they’re saying.  If you look at the cross reference here, you can see that none of the oil filters are recommended.  This means that all of the oil filters will perform similarly.

This is also the reason why I changed the oil filter threads on my SV650 to take PureONE oil filters.  I trust them and they really are the best ones I’ve used.


It is now time to fill up on oil, because of how close the fill hole is to the bike, I had to use a long funnel.


To check the oil level of the bike, you have to stand it straight up.  Check the window to make sure it’s between the low and full lines.


I have a habit of running the bike then filling it again to the low line.  I like having a little extra oil in the case, but you really don’t have to.

Now you’re all done!  Go out and ride!


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