Kaido Racing, the next import scene frontier. God help us all.

Can the future of import car show hooli­gan­ism be fore­told by Japan’s past? Well, lets explore this old school. And no I don’t mean your 91 CRX dropped low, painted scream­ing yel­low and RSX head lighted out type of hooli­gan­ism old school–that’s just too tame. Lets take it back to a time where Japan­ese sport coupes were lim­ited to the trusty old Z cars, and the young auto­jun­kees of days past were forced to get cre­ative. Lets talk 82 Toy­ota GX61 Mark II flipped out like a Mowhawked punk rocker that just came out the clown school closet. That’s right. Enter, Kaido Rac­ers, circa 1980s Japan. From the land that debuted to the world reli­able, depend­able and mun­dane motor­ing that yearned for mod­ding from the get go, we present to you their bas­tard hot rods.

In a coun­try where con­for­mity is the norm and stand­ing out is akin to wag­ing war against soci­ety, a Kaido Racer is like the rebel assault’s unwa­ver­ing neon flag amidst a sea of grey, neatly pressed suits. Its whole exis­tence arrests the imme­di­ate atten­tion of those around it through insanely extreme mod­i­fi­ca­tions. It then instantly affronts those under its hyp­no­sis with the very same multi col­ored 4 foot high wings, jar­ring 4 foot long front and rear lips and impos­si­ble 10 feet high Take­yari exhaust pipes that caught their atten­tion in the first place. The cul­ture is purely Japan­ese in its every right–and we as a nation swal­low up every ounce that coun­try has to shoot out at us.

All of which leads me to ask, will this be future Amer­ica? Can the coun­try that blessed us with the Sky­line and cursed us with the rice rocket fin­ish us off with Kaido Rac­ers? Can this hap­pen to us, the orig­i­nal coun­try of free­dom and inde­pen­dence? If the Japan­ese can toss aside their innate sense of humil­ity to such per­plex­ing lev­els of self expres­sion, I’m sure we can grad­u­ate from our cur­rent state of rice rocketeering.


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