KANJO those!

Have you ever played Tokyo Extreme Racer?  Well then you’re missing out!  This game is awesome!  But did you know that people actually did this in Japan?  Yea, it’s where it all started.  There are huge expanses of straight freeways in Japan where hooligans just go racing.

Well Kanjo is the Kansai version of it.  They race down freeways weaving between traffic to see who makes it to the end.  According to Kazuhiro (retired Kanjo racer and shop owner), 20 or more racers would meet up at location before the freeway and then race to the end.  Often through traffic where they would have to slalom through cars.

Kazuhiro himself admits that this is a dangerous game.  He’s seen many people die as a result of this, but despite the dangers to himself and others he feels that he did come away with new skills.

It’s a very interesting video and the cars that are customized at his shop do look pretty mean.  Modifications range from body kits to engine swaps.  Sounds like a typical day at my house!  Enjoy the video above.

I don’t condone street racing, but I’ve sped down the freeway before, as have many Americans.  Things like this happen when race tracks are over regulated and over priced.  Please bring racing back to the people!  Lets have cheap track days for kids!

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