Lets make the Miata skid!

Over the weekend I had a chance to throw on some 2002 Miata Sport Brakes.   These brake pistons and discs were larger both in the front and in the rear!  That equates to a lot of stopping power!

  • Front:  250 mm to 270 mm
  • Rear: 255 mm to 275 mm

I got them off of a great guy from the BAMO Classifieds group on Facebook.  If you have a Miata, I suggest you start browsing!

Now if you have an NB Miata and you’re wondering if you already have the sport brakes, it’s very easy to tell.  Do you have 16″ rims?  If so you have sport brakes.  Do you have a 2003+ Miata?  If so you have sport brakes!

If you’re unsure, you can always measure the discs or just check to see if you have retainer springs for the brake pads.  If your discs are over 10 inches in diameter, you have sport brakes!  If you don’t have retainer springs, you have sport brakes!

The install process is really straight forward.  The sport brakes bolt right up to any NA or NB Miata.  All you have to do is trim or bend back the dust plates.  If you’ve serviced your brakes, you should be able to upgrade to sports brakes.

Now onto my impressions, these brakes were definitely worth the money.  I feel a lot more confident that I can slow down with them.  There is the slight drawback that they lock up faster on my non-ABS model, but I think with time I’ll be able to modulate the brakes better.  I also noticed that braking in my Miata seems more stable but I think that may also be a result of rotating my tires.

Either way, I am super excited to get on the track with them.  I’ll let you know how I do soon!

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