Lowside party, everyone is invited!

James and I attended another great cornering school hosted by Superbike Coach yesterday.  Cornering School Day 2 was very educational and I enjoyed it a lot.  The class was more focused on intermediate riding techniques which I really needed to improve on.

But before we get into that, I’d like to say that Shogun frame sliders work!  To install the frame sliders on the Ninja 250R we had to cut the sprocket cover to fit the reinforcement bar in place.

250R Chain Guard

A Dremel or a hack saw should be enough to do this.  It took me all of about 20 minutes.  I decided to paint the edges black afterwards so that the raw metal isn’t exposed.  It was a good thing that James and I decided to go with the shogun slider kit because at the end of the first section, this happened:

Ninja 250 Low Side - 01


Apparently, when we checked the oil filter we did not make sure that the gasket was completely in the seat.  I am guessing that the gasket expanded and would not fit back on the bike.  We did run the bike and ride it around, but because we weren’t pushing it like we would on the track, we did not see any problems.

Ninja 250 Low Side - 02

As you can see, there is a trail of oil behind the 250 and we had to put a bag and a coke box under the bike to catch the excess oil.  This was only temporary as we went to get some stuff to clean this up and a new oil filter.  After we cleaned up and changed the oil filter (making sure that we put the gasket in correctly) we went to asses the damage.

Ninja 250 Low Side - 04

Yup, we were done for the day.

Ninja 250 Low Side - 03

We’re going to need to fix this. Silicone most likely.

Bilt 1 Piece Scrub

Onesie FTW!


We really didn’t have any options.  I decided to rent the school’s 250 for the day and James decided to sit this one out.  We’ll get this bike back together.  CSD3 is coming up soon!

As soon as Dean Lonskey (track photographer) is done with post processing I’ll share more about the class.  See you then!


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  • Jerry |

    glad nobody got hurt!

    1. edsters - Post author |

      Me too! Whew!

  • can |

    i am happy you could keep going right away (important after a crash)

    1. edsters - Post author |

      Thanks coach! I’m glad I kept going too, the rest of the class was great!