Mad handles yo!

Once again, Auto­car’s dated old video player has got­ten in the way of our qual­ity con­tent. Geez Auto­car, you’re a pro­fes­sional web­site, get with the times! Just use Youtube for easy embed­ded con­tent. I was actu­ally mulling about not ever post­ing Auto­car con­tent, but this video was just so good! If you want to watch the video, click on the link at the bot­tom, or if you’re lazy, just click here.

Onto the video… Well, it’s not much of a video. Just the Nismo 370z going through a test course, but it is pretty good to watch. At the end of the run, they show you how close, or more so, how far the 370z is from the top tier cars.

Nice hus­tle Nismo.

SOURCE: Video: Nis­san 370Z Nismo vs The Snake — speed challenge

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