MAXIvan? Nothing mini here!

Pike’s Peak is the most famous hill climb in the world, teams from all over the world come to this location to find out what their cars are made of.  With a mixture of tarmac and gravel, the competitors cars have to be setup to handle the unexpected changes throughout the run.  It may start sunny at the base of the mountain, but a lot of times it’s foggy or even raining at the summit!

Well this year, the maker of fun hatch backs is here to conquer the mountain.  Honda, is bringing a 500 hp Honda Odyssey minivan.  Yea, it’s still a hatch back, but it’s a fat one.  It looks like an interesting car, but with 500 hp and FWD, Simon Pagenaud may be in some trouble.

I look forward to seeing this crazy contraption on the mountain!

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