MCM: Marty’s New Car

I’ve been fol­low­ing Might Car Mods for a while now and I find these two Aussies very enter­tain­ing. They’re a cou­ple of gear heads from Aus­tralia that just do a bunch of stuff to cars. Their show is very light hearted and the two act like gen­uine friends.

Moog is the guy with shaggy hair and Marty is the one with the shaved head. Marty is my kind of guy, very Sub­aru ori­ented. Moog is more of a wild card and seems to like a bunch of dif­fer­ent things. Mood did own a super clean S15, which does make me jelly.

This newest episode Marty picks up a VW Polo GTI because he felt like it was time he grew up. I don’t really under­stand this because I think there are plenty of old peo­ple that drive Sub­arus! Plus Marty has always had a Lib­erty Wagon (Legacy wagon for us in the states).

Well Marty ends up with the Polo and fixes some bush­ings then throws on a cus­tom turbo back exhaust setup. It sounds great and I’m sure it’s pretty quick. Well Marty agrees with this, but if you watch to the very end of the video, there’s a surprise!

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