Middle aged super stars

Ferrari.  Just the world usually inspires emotion from people.  You either hate them or you love them, but that wasn’t always the case.  Everyone loves the F40.


Just look at this thing, can you say that you don’t think it’s sex on wheels?  I’ve always loved this car.  Sadly, it was only in video games.  I won’t ever have the pleasure of experiencing this car as Chris Harris did.  And he obviously had a great time!  Geez, watching him throw that little Ferrari about on a track was like watching a child open up a Nintendo 64 for the first time.

Conversely, the F50 was not the heart throb that Ferrari thought it was going to be.  According to Chris, this car was better built and had better pedigree (with an F1 engine block for it’s heart).  Unfortunately it wasn’t a better car.  It wasn’t as fast, it wasn’t as connected, and it definitely wasn’t better looking.

Doing a quick Google image search shows many F40s on many tracks.  I was trying to find a F50 on the road to throw in this article, but there were only a few out there.  This shows the love of the F40.

In the video Chris does have some nice things to say about the F50, but in the end, his love is for the F40.  Take a look at the video and see a giddy school girl!

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