Mini turbos for EVERYone

Tur­bos are great! And I’m happy to see one thing be great in the Mini lineup. With a brand that also describes the prod­uct, it’s a shame that they started doing the oppo­site. I mean, what where they think­ing when the made a LARGE mini? Does that make sense to you?


Well it didn’t make sense to me!

What’s good about the new turbo minis? Well first of all the base model will get 134 hp and 162 tq. These are great num­bers for a tiny car! The S model will now come with 189 hp and 207 tq and has a GTR-​esque over boost fea­ture. This bumps out­put to 221 tq for a short period.

Now if the curb weight of the mini stays the same for the 2014 make year, this would mean it would only be push­ing around 2668 lbs. This is a lot of torque for such a tiny car. I’m sure this will be a blast to drive!

I’m very glad that more automak­ers are going to turbo engines. I really love them. What I don’t love is heat, so hope­fully I can get that taken care of in my car!

SOURCE: Mini announces thor­oughly mod­ern engines and chas­sis for 2014 Cooper

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