New WRX is here and it’s less than they promised!

So it’s finally here, the 2015 Sub­aru WRX (they’re drop­ping it from the Impreza line). There was so much hype and spec­u­la­tion about this car. Sub­aru said that it was going to make the WRX it’s own line, but peo­ple didn’t think it mean it would be it’s own line only by name.

Just look at that image above. It looks exactly like a wide body Impreza. I don’t have any gripes about this, the WRX has always been an Impreza. The prob­lem I have is that they said they were going to sep­a­rate it, but only ended up doing it on paper.

Just look at it’s interior:



It looks JUST like the Impreza inte­rior! Geez Sub­aru, if you’re gonna make all this hype, at least fol­low through.

I must admit though, I do like the look of the new WRX. What do you think?

SOURCE: 2015 Sub­aru WRX looks to set a new bench­mark in LA

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