Oh, Romeo… Alfa Romeo

The Alfa Romero 4C is a stun­ning lit­tle car. I love how the curves flow over the wheel arches and the paint is amaz­ing. Deep down inside, every­one loves an Alfa. You want some­thing that won’t treat you right all the time, but always puts a smile on your face and this is exactly what the 4C does.

Watch­ing Chris Har­ris throw this lit­tle car around the track is quite amaz­ing. He has gripes about the steer­ing wheel and the seats, but they look fine to me. I think the only thing that both­ers me is the lack of a man­ual trans­mis­sion. I know one of these won’t be in my future, but if you’re rich and want to make me happy, let me bor­row yours for a weekend!

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