Open top sensations

If there one thing that driving enthusiasts love it’s the visceral driving interactions of a stripped down car.  But if there is a second thing, it would probably be a convertible.  Well the two companies, Caterham and Morgan, both have exciting offerings to give you.

This week on Drive, Chris Harris takes both of these cars for a spin.  The Morgan Three Wheeler is obviously not a serious track car, but the experience it gives you is more than just going fast.  Chris says that going 35 mph in this little car is more exciting than going 120 mph in a Porsche.  I think that is where the big sports car companies have gone astray.  It’s not about how fast cars can go around a track, because at the end of the day, if you’re not happy with the experience the car is worthless.

This takes us to the awesome world of Caterham.  These guys have been making Lotus Sevens, since Lotus stopped!  These cars are awesome, light weight, no BS street legal race cars.  They have very low horsepower but also very low weight. I would love to own one of these someday, but for now lets just watch Chris get all slidey!

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