R. Wood wins Toyota Celebrity Race

Toy­ota has spon­sored a Pro/​Celeb race for char­ity for over thirty seven years now with pro­ceeds going to dif­fer­ent char­i­ties. This is a pretty awe­some event because there is rac­ing and peo­ple get aid. This year, Rut­ledge Wood (from Top Gear USA fame) won the celebrity part. Which is good and all but Adam Car­olla (from ran­dom com­edy shows and the Car Show) won the pro­fes­sional por­tion of the race.

There is a lit­tle bit of a feud going on between the two because they were fight­ing for air time for both shows. Per­son­ally I liked the Car Show more, but Topgear had the name. You can check the com­ments sec­tion on Jalop­nik for some play­ful ban­ter with Matt Farah. He might even setup a car show showdown!

Unfor­tu­nately Toy­ota says they might pull the race next year so this lit­tle slice of hap­pi­ness might not be here in 2014. Catch Rutledge’s speech above.

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