Rattle can, fancy it up!

The Miata that bought looks like trash, it literally looks like it came out of the dumpster!  Well, after watching a MCM video on how to spray your car at home, I decided to do the ghetto version of it.  The Miata paint is simple and black.  I decided to buy the cheapest spray paint I could and see if I can make it look good.

Paint in total cost me about six dollars and I had some fine grit sand paper at home.


First I washed the headlight housing, then I sanded it down.  After sanding I wiped everything clean and placed the housing on something to keep it off the ground.  The spray paint handle is only a few dollars at a hardware store and really helps put down the paint evenly.

spray handle

After the first two layers of primer it was starting to look pretty good.

prime1 prime2

I started to applied the color after that.






After the two coats of color I started to apply the clear coat.  Yay, it’s getting shiny!

clear1 clear2 clear3

You can totally see the lines from when I applied the spray paint, but for about six dollars I don’t think it’s too bad.  I’m going to try to do my hood next!  Wish me luck!

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