Reviews for the average joe

Car reviews are plentiful, but not all car reviews are entertaining.  Regular Car Reviews has a plan to change all that.  The reviewer here does all of his reviews with a sarcastic and cynical tone.

To be fair, not all of the reviews are actual reviews.  But all of the videos are entertaining and do delve into what the car and/or driver are as a person.  On all accounts this channel is very entertaining and I suggest that you subscribe to their channel.

The Jeep review above hits home for me.  Mainly because I’ve had the pleasure of breaking down in a Grand Cherokee before.  And boy did it break down, the whole front differential just shattered as I was driving on Highway 80 West.  Boy was that awesome.

I also know a few people with GS500s so this review is very funny.

Well Regular Car Reviews, keep up the entertainment.  I’ll be checking frequently.

Source: YouTube’s Twisted ‘Regular Car Reviews’ Are My New Favorite Everything

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