‘Ring Queen slays another one!

“Another one bites the dust!” — Van Halen

Yup, just like that classic song, Sabine Schmitz destroys another car around the Nürburgring.  Sabine is driving a Porsche GT3 RS and her opponent, Ron Simons who is also the CEO of RSRNurburg, is driving a Ferrari 458 Italia.  The Ferrari definitely has the advantage here, but of course Sabine has the experience.

On paper, the Ferrari has over 100 hp on the Porsche, but the the car is only as fast as you are.  And obviously, Ron is not faster than the Sabine.

She passes Ron a few times and the video doesn’t really show the whole race, but it is exciting to watch.  Sabine does a crazy pass around 4:10, check it out!

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