Road race cars are awesome

Do you like cars?  Well then I’m sure you also like race cars.  Wouldn’t it be cool to own a road going version of your favorite race car and drive it on the street?  Yea it would!

Well one man in Japan is doing just that.  He has a road going version of a Porsche 962 Group C race car!  And he daily drives that thing!

Aside from it being a race car, it’s also beautiful.  With a turbo flat six engine, the owner says it’s got over 580 hp.  Now that’s plenty in a road car, but with a curb weight of around 1900 lbs, this thing is insane!

Take a look at the video above and you can see him doing his thing.  Just driving it to the store and back to work.  What a wonderful life!

Thanks Travis, this is awesome.

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