Sad day in thundertown

This past week­end was sure an excit­ing and event­ful week­end. Not only did I have car trou­ble, I also went of the track! Yay! First time with all 4 wheels off!

Before this track day I decided to do two things to my car. Install STi Spec C front con­trol arms and to get a decent align­ment. Wow, did that change how my car behaved on the track. It went from an under­steer­ing mon­ster, to a rear wheel drive sports car. I must say that I wasn’t expect­ing that big of a change in my car.


Well, les­son learned I sup­pose! I really do like how my car han­dles now. Unfor­tu­nately, it seems as if going off track also dented my oil pan. I didn’t think it was that bad of slide, but my engine did! After going off my car seemed to drive fine, but when I came back into the pits after my sec­ond run I heard a lit­tle bit of tick­ing. That lit­tle bit of tick­ing ended up becom­ing a lot of knocking.

My car idles fine, but does not want to rev any­more. So I guess I’ll be swap­ping engines again soon. Luck­ily I just got an extra EJ205! Woot! So I guess it’s not too bad.

Hope­fully my bud­dies will post some videos up soon and I can add them to this post!


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