Sometimes the tiny can be significant

Yesterday afterwork I swung by SBG Performance to pick up a set of Bentobox door stop bushings.  I knew that these would help at least a little bit with chassis regidity, but I was not ready for how much of an improvement this made.

All I can say is wow.  Such a small insignificant part made such a huge improvement on my 1994 Miata chassis.  Having just driven to SBG, I wanted to throw the bushings on ASAP so that I can determine the improvement on my car while it was fresh in my mind.

The install is quick and simple, all you will need is:

  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • 10 mm socket
  • 1/4 inch socket wrench

You don’t really need the socket wrench, but if you strip those screws you will be very annoyed.

All you have to do is use the wrench to break the bolts, then I used the screwdriver to back them out.  To install simply do the reverse.  PLEASE NOTE, do not torque the screws down before you check for alignment.

An easy way to do this is to tighten the screws so that they hold the bushing in place but still allows a little bit of movement.  Now go ahead and slam the door shut about 8-10 times.  Check to make sure that your interior light turns off to make sure the door closes completely.

Now go back and tighten the bolts down to tight enough.  Hahaha, I don’t have the torque specs, but just make sure you don’t strip anything.

Now you’re all done, go out and enjoy your new car!

Side note, I did notice that my car can now easily bottom out my Megan EZ Street coil overs.  I knew that I have budget suspension, but wasn’t expecting this.  My next step is to get Flyin’ Miata sway bars to see if that helps with the spring rate.  Stay tuned!

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