Speed sisters, they’re a little reckless

Anthony Bour­dain is an awe­some indi­vid­ual. After his falling out with the Travel Chan­nel, he has moved on to a new show on CNNParts Unknown seems to be the same type of show, with the same type of flair. I’ve been try­ing to catch this show, but in this age, it’s really hard to watch any­thing on TV.

As soon as it gets on Net­flix, I’ll watch the whole thing!

On a recent episode Anthony goes to Pales­tine and rides along with the “Speed Sis­ters”. I know know very much about their rac­ing skill, but in the trailer you see above, it looks like they just hoon around the town. While this is cool and all, I don’t think I’d appre­ci­ate some­one slid­ing their car around in front of me in a city.

But hey, I know I’ve done some hooning myself, so maybe it’s just me being tired today. Any­one know any more about the “Speed Sis­ters”? Leave me a clue in the comments.

SOURCE: Watch Anthony Bour­dain Go For A Drive With Palestine’s ‘Speed Sisters’

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