STi or Evo… We’ll never know!

Oh BMI, how you’ve shaped my view of cars in my youth. I just love watch­ing these Japan­ese race car dri­vers put my favorite cars on the same track. We all know that none of these com­par­isons really mean any­thing, since the out­come his heav­ily depen­dent on the dri­vers, but they’re super enter­tain­ing to watch nonetheless.

The Evo vs STi bat­tle has been rag­ing on for about ten years now and every­one thinks they’re a win­ner. And yes, every­one is! Both the Evo and the STi are great cars. Obvi­ously the STi is greater though (I kid, I’m also bias).

As a child I always dreamed of own­ing an Evo, but unfor­tu­nately they never imported the one that I wanted (Evo 5). Then in high school, a lot of my friends started buy­ing Sub­aru 2.5rs (basi­cally a Ver­sion 5 WRX chas­sis with the 2.5L NA boxer motor). These cars looked amaz­ing and sounded even bet­ter. This started my love of Subarus.

Take a look at the exten­sive break­down in the BMI video above, it’s quite enter­tain­ing ANDeducational.

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