Taking the baby bike to the track

Ever since I saw Gromkhana, I’ve wanted a Honda Grom.

How cool is that?  Tiny bike?  Awesome times at low speeds, what’s not to love?

Well it was finally my turn.  I took the new Grom to the Little Stockton 99 kart track for a spin.  Of course I went with Super Bike Coach again.  Coach Can laughed a little when he saw the Grom, but how can you not?  It’s such a happy little thing.

Unfortunately I don’t have the greatest videos of myself or James because I forgot my Swann cameras at home.  What we do have, are some videos from the side lines:

I was getting times about four seconds slower than when I was riding the Ninja 250R, but I think the Grom was just as FUN!

This coming Sunday, I’ll be taking my SV650 to the same track.  I am really excited because the SV is my favorite bike!  For the time being check out some pictures of CSD2 courtesy of Dean Lonskey here.

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