The ninja goes, blap blap blap blap

Last week I saw that The Scooter Parts Depot had a sale on motorcycle parts, so obviously I needed to get a full exhaust system for the Ninja 250.  Their Modcycle full exhaust (normally priced $229.00 USD) was on super sale!


When I do exhaust, I don’t like to do it half way.  Full exhaust means full power and not just sound.  The install for this exhaust could not be simpler, all you will need are:

  • 6 mm allen wrench
  • 10 mm wrench
  • 10 mm socket
  • 12 mm wrench
  • 12 mm socket
  • 14 mm socket

If you haven’t taken the right fairings off, go ahead and do that first.  We already had the fairings off since we were coming from the track so we skipped this.  Now you’ll want to remove the two 6 mm allen bolts that hold the exhaust shield in place.


Once that is done, reach around behind it and loosen the 14 mm and 12 mm nut and bolt that secures the front of the heat shield and the muffler to the mid pipe.  After you loosen these, go ahead and remove the 14 mm nut and bolt that holds the muffler up to the rear passenger pegs.  The muffler should now be able to be pulled off.  If it does not come off easily, use a little bit of a twisting action.

removemuffler2 removemuffler3

Next you will have to remove the 10 mm nut and bolt that holds the mid pipe under the engine.


The mid pipe and the headers are one piece on the OEM exhaust, so you will now move onto the 4 nuts that hold the headers on the bike.  The nuts are 14 mm.


Once these are removed, you will need to wiggle the OEM exhaust off of the engine.  Before installing any parts, I usually use anti-seize lubricant to coat all nuts, bolts, and connecting joints.  Now you can put the new headers back on.  Make sure these seat correctly into the engine block.



After installing and removing the headers, we found that it was easier to attach the mid pipe to the headers before installing it on the bike.  The different pieces of the exhaust are attached with exhaust springs.  They have hooks and both sides.  The way you hook them on is usually with a T hook.  Unfortunately this budget exhaust didn’t provide this tool, so I went ahead and used a screw driver to pull the spring.  It works just as well.

The muffler itself is also hooked on with exhaust springs.  There is not a hanger to attach to the mid pipe, so go ahead and install the muffler.


Adjust the rotation of the pipe and bolt it back on using the original 14 mm nut and bolt.  You’re all done!  Now start it up and embrace the blap!



Re-install the fairings and you’re all done!



Here is a video of it running on my bike.  It isn’t running all that great because the carbs need to be re-jetted.  But for now, it’s AWESOME!

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