There are no rules!

There is one rule!  And that rule is to have fun!  Ensenada, Mexico is actually a really cool place.  The food is great and apparently ATVs are street legal!

As soon as we got to the port, we ran over and rented some Honda ATVs.  Yea, they’re 250s, but geez, the grip is amazing on these things.  I’ve never got the chance to ride them on the street.  Whenever I go to Pismo, we usually only hit the dunes.  When I first hoped on the ATV, I almost flipped trying to get started. The front came off the ground so easily!

After renting we immediately headed towards the mountains of Ensenada.  I’ve never been off roading before, and it’s fun as hell!  Way different from the dunes.  You can see the video above, and I also have a short video:

I didn’t think I’d need to bring a GoPro, but I realy should of!  The ride was pretty amazing, and so were the views.  Take a look and enjoy!


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