This bat is so mobile!

Stunt cars are cool. Comic book cars are awe­some. What can get bet­ter? A stunt car that actu­ally works on the road from a comic book. Enter the tum­bler, the bat-​mobile from the Christo­pher Nolan’s Bat­man Tril­ogy.

Now of course the inside of the car isn’t as cool as the out­side. The inside is pur­pose built to work on the set. What’s really inter­est­ing is that it has a right brake and a left brake to help the car rotate for the stunts. It’s pretty amaz­ing, every­thing works on the car!

Watch the video above to see Jay Leno drive a straight cut gear stunt car! Geez, it’s loud.

SOURCE: Jay Leno Finds Batman’s Tum­bler Is More Of A Real Car Than You Think

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