Three days of track, part 2

After an eventful two day stint at Thunderhill (see part 1), my friends and I decided to wrap up our three days of driving bliss at Laguna Seca.  Unfortunately we were only in the paddock for an AutoX event.

I was kind of glad I didn’t need to concentrate for the day though, as I was pretty tired from being at Thill all weekend.  The AutoX was a practice event which meant no timing.  We tried to time our own runs, but the short track didn’t work very well with my phone.

The most fun I had was being able to flog a bunch of different cars:

While the Miatas were agile, I did not like the setup of my friend’s.  I’ve had a WRX so I know how those handle.  The surprise was how bad the Camaro was and how GREAT the Mustang was.  After the Mustang’s lack luster track performance (see having trouble passing Miatas) I wasn’t expecting much from the AutoX.  But that is exactly where the Mustang shined.  The low end grunt make it extremely fun to slide.

I think for the next AutoX I may have to get some American Muscle!

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