Three days of track, part 1

Over the Memorial day weekend, some friends and I decided go have some fun at the track.  Thunderhill was hosting a Champ Truck competition and needed some people to keep the track hot between heats.  Of course I was down to help!

This also equated into two cheap track days!  I wanted the Miata to be up to the task so I bought an aluminum radiator with Mishimoto fans, AWR front sway bar mounts, and silicone radiator hoses.  The radiator upgrades were necessary because back in April when I ran Thill West, my car started to overheat!  The AWR front sway mounts just required that I remove the radiator, so why not!?

These were in addition to the Russell steel braided brake lines and SBGarage clutch line I installed for Thill West.  Here’s a picture of them installed.

2015-04-25For the Memorial day weekend track days, we were only running the East loop of the main track.  This looked a lot like the short track at Suzuka.  Although it was fun, I was a little disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to run the full track.

Well, as with all track days, there were problems.  First one of the Champ Trucks tipped over on turn 2.

Then I sprang a coolant leak and almost died! (@3:20, youtube doesn’t let me time link for some reason.)

Well, not really all that dramatic.  But I did track down the leak to one of the hoses going into the oil cooler sandwiched under the oil filter.  Fixing that was fun, then I had to burp the radiator.

At the end of the day, nothing was broken on the Miata.  I think that’s a plus in my book!

The second day was a lot less eventful.  I got to drive Richard’s WRX around the track though.  So we all went home unscathed.

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