Tiny giants: Hatchback wars

Chris Harris takes us on a nice ride today with the BMW M135i and the Mercedes A45 AMG.  Both of these cars are very, very quick.  Unfortunately, both of these cars are also very expensive.  At a starting price of about 30,000 pounds, the M135i is certainly not a cheap car.  As a comparison, the Toyota GT86 is only 25,000 pounds and a base Prius is 22,000 pounds.

The A45 AMG though, tops the scales at 40,000 pounds.  These are serious performance cars and they demand serious money.  The BMW has 316 hp vs the AMG with 355 hp.  This then, seems like the BMW has the advantage.  With horsepower being similar and the BMW having less weight, stickier tires, and rear wheel drive; it seems like the BMW is a shoe in as the winner.

Well I guess you’ll just have to watch Chris’ video if you want to know.  I have always been a fan of all wheel drive, and lets hope Mercedes doesn’t ruin that!

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