To tune or not?

Here is a question that pertains to me just about 0% of the time.  To tune or not to tune?  Well for me, I can’t keep my hands off of a car.  I just love to tinker.

In this week’s episode of Tuned, Matt Farah drives Chris Harris’ daily driver, an Audi S4 Wagon.  They brought along a semi-expensive Porsche, a base Cayman to be exact.  So the result is a 415 hp S4 versus a 275 hp Cayman.

Well you can see in the video that the S4 is way faster, but it’s also dirty as heck!  The Cayman is a brand new car.  Which one would you want?

Well obivously the Cayman, because it’ll become your car to modify.  I’m not a fan of other people’s builds, I like to make the car my own.  Mainly by making it kinda bad.  And not in a good way.

Take a look at the video, the Cayman gets spanked!  Matt also says that the 0–60 mph time for a Cayman would probably be more than 7 seconds.  I feel like that’s ridiculous, so I took a look online and the official numbers look to be about 5.X.  I think they have a little bit of explaining to do…

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