Track Expansion: Thunderhillier!

Everyone’s favorite race track is getting bigger!  Just when I thought that I knew how to drive around a track (no I really don’t, my times suck), it goes ahead and changes it up!

The new portion of the track will be on the west side of the track and from what I can see it looks pretty technical.



I’m super excited about this new development and I really hop they allow us to do a SUPER track day.  You know, when they combine both tracks together to become Voltron?  Hahaha, well a boy can dream.

Above is a video of the Thunderhill team going around the dirt track in an off road gokart.  It does a time of 2:47 around this new track.  If a gokart on dirt can do that, I’m guessing the car times will be in the low 1:50s.

Take a look at this gokart meandering around the track:

That was way less exciting.  Well are you ready for something less?  Here is a digital lap around the track:

Until the extension finishes, I guess you’ll just have to watch these videos!

Source: Thunderhill West Has Been Approved

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