Track prepping the 250!

After attending Cornering School Day 1 on a Kawasaki Ninja 250R, I fell in love.  It’s an amazing bike to learn to corner on!  Luckily I had a friend that was trying to unload one, win win!  James and I got to work to get this thing track ready.

Since we’re bringing the Ninja to CSD2, we figured we should do some maintenance.  We changed the oil, raised the bike (it was on lowering links), increased the pre-load (we’re fat), installed Shogun frame sliders, and lubed the chain.  We went with Shogun sliders because unlike regular slider, these had a bracing bar.



I never thought that the cheap sliders worked, but this bar really makes me trust them.  I always buy Shogun sliders, but thankfully I’ve never had to use them.

We decided to remove the side fairings because we’re going to the track away.  With all of this done, we feel pretty confident that we’re ready to corner!

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