Tripods and beards

When I think of Chris Harris, I think of monkeys.  But more importantly I also think of slides, big slides.  Of course Chris does not disappoint in this week’s video review of the Ford Fiesta ST.

If you don’t know, a Fiesta ST is a hotted up version of the standard Fiesta.  What you get with that is 182 hp and 215 tq, which is a lot for a small hatch back.  Ford says that the car does 0–60 mph in under seven seconds.  That makes the Fiesta ST faster in a straight line than a Subaru BRZ.

Of course, since Chris is in Europe he compares the Fiesta ST to the Renault Cleo RS which is a very fast car.  But none of that matters for to me, because I can’t get the Cleo.  What does matter to me is that the Fiesta ST can tripod through corners.  This is something that really interests me and is something that I’ve wanted since I’ve seen the EP Civic Type R do it.

Looking forward to trying out one of these hot hatches myself!

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