Turbo that bish! (Part 3)

It’s been a while since we’ve touched on the Miata turbo install.  To recap everyone, you can watch the video above.  It’s an overview video on the whole install.  There aren’t any details but it does give a nice review on what has happened.

After they got everything bolted up, the MCM guys installed a used ECU to power the car.  Unfortunately it wasn’t working so they had to scrap that and buy a new one.  The new one was not plug and play so they had to connect all the wires manually.  This worked out and they got the car running!

Before their long drive back the guys at the shop setup Marty with a decent road tune.  This got him back to Sydney where he went to Haltech.

With an electronic boost controller and some new injectors the MCM guys actually made 195 hp to the wheels of that MX-5.  That’s just about double the power output of stock.

That makes me extremely jealous of their car!  But fortunately my 109 hp will keep me happy.  Or will it!?

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