Type R teaser

Found this highly produced, but still pretty awesome teaser of the 2015 Honda Civic Type R.  Honda claims to be hot on the trail of the Renault Megane RS 265, which has the FWD Nürburgring lap record of 8:07.97:

As you can see in the video, the driver of the Megane definitely pushed the car as far as it would go.  Watching his lap just shows how much confidence he has in the car and how amazing his driving skills are.  He uses every last bit of road on that track!

We already know that everyone loves the Megane, well at least the people fortunate enough to be able to buy it.

Unfortunately, Americans will never know the power or the majesty of either of these cars.  Why?  Because they won’t sell them here and we aren’t allowed to import them.  Hopefully we’ll see a Civic SI that comes close to this type of performance, but I’m not holding my breathe.

Source: Watch The Civic Type R We Won’t Get Attack The Nürburgring

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