UGH! Porsche! WHY!?

Do you want to know why man­ual dri­vers get mad when auto­matic dri­vers get their way? Because most peo­ple drive auto­mat­ics, so man­u­fac­tur­ers are going to make more of them. Now this is fine if the result isn’t a phase out of the man­ual trans­mis­sion, but that is exactly what is happening.

Case in point, Porsche. After announc­ing that their top level GT3 will now only be avail­able inPDK (fancy Porsche auto­matic trans­mis­sion), they’ve now also announced that the 911 Turbowill also be auto­matic only.

This is just infu­ri­at­ing! Just because it makes finan­cial sense, doesn’t mean that you should do it Porsche! I don’t want to brag about how fast my car changes gear for me! I want to be the rea­son why I’m fast.

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